Using film for peace has long been Chris Langdon's dream. He founded Reconciliation through Film drawing on his experience of making films in post-war Bosnia and Kosovo for two conferences in 2002/3. He says: "these days the films look pretty rudimentary. But they taught me about that magic moment when the lights come on after a film's shown. There's silence. People are reflecting. Then, the real conversation can begin.."

His career combines media and peace-building. He has just co-authored a report, Thinking the Unthinkable with ex-BBC colleague Nik Gowing.   Chris worked as a TV producer for BBC, APTN and ITV before switching careers to run political conferences at the Wilton Park Conference Centre. He specialised in conflict resolution in Western Balkans. He's also worked in the Middle East; while MD of the Oxford Research Group he directed the Israel Strategic Forum and also advised the Palestine Strategy Group.

Left: Chris with Imam, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, 2015

Stiv Twigg is a multilingual, multimedia producer, who loves storytelling.  He has spent the best  part of a decade living and working in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco and Bosnia & Hercegovina. He speaks French, Bosnian and isiZulu;  he pursues understanding through language and culture to better relate with those living in difficult circumstances. Stiv partners with local people to tell their stories. He has made films for UNICEF, the World Bank, CURE International and the LSE. He recently received an MSc in Media Communications and Development from the London School of Economics. Stiv is eagerly exploring the role of visual communication, film and narrative in post-conflict reconciliation and peace building.