Time for reconciliation?


Following two elections in 2015 in which a new government and a new President committed to national reconciliation were elected, what does a democratic peace look like in Sri Lanka?  What is the role of civil society in fostering cross-community communication after thirty years of war? 

A new opportunity?


Talks on resolving the Cyprus Problem have been making considerable headway since May 2015. There are rising hopes that an historic settlement can be agreed. What are the key factors in building reconciliation after an agreement is signed? What does it take to produce a lasting, positive peace?

A lasting peace?


Bosnia and Hercegovina has seen 21 years since the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement, ending the war that ravaged the country. The economic situation remains very difficult. The conflict continues to affect a society that has not experienced reconciliation. What will it take for the people of Bosnia and Hercegovina to forge a brighter future together? What does peace look like for Bosnia and Hercegovina?


Helping peace-makers have greater impact.


Developing constituencies for positive change is at the heart of this project.


We plan to use documentary film and video as part of a wider campaign implemented in full collaboration with partner organisations.


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Language is key to communication. So we have set up an Interpreters' Fund. All funds donated here will be used to contribute to the costs of local interpreters. That can be for working on cross-community dialogue. Alternatively it can be to help us and our partners in setting-up a project; developing personal contacts and building trust are key first steps.